Dr Daryl Hibberd, Research Fellow, University of Leeds

HIBBERD 140x180Dr Daryl Hibberd has been working in the field of road safety and driver behaviour at the Institute for Transport Studies, University of Leeds for the past 8 years.

He is a member of the Human Factors and Safety group, and has been involved in projects funded by organisations such as the European Commission and Highways England. His key research interests involve driver distraction, everyday driving behaviour and in-vehicle systems HMI design.

Recent work has focused on the development of driver assistance systems to improve fuel economy and enhance cyclist detection, as well as the setting up and management of a naturalistic data collection operation site in Leeds. Daryl is also a lecturer at both undergraduate and postgraduate level, focusing on the safety of road transport, traffic management, and transport data collection and analysis.

Presentation: Naturalistic Driving Studies in Europe – an overview of the UDRIVE project
This presentation will outline the scope, aims, methods and expected impact from a current European Naturalistic Driving project, UDRIVE.

Over a 21-month period up until April 2017, data are being collected from a total of 266 drivers and riders of passenger cars, trucks and scooters across six countries resulting in around 5,000 hours of driving per month.

Data comprises vehicle-based parameters as well as comprehensive video footage both inside and outside of the vehicles. If available, early analysis results will also be presented.