Dr. Samantha Jamson

Samantha Jamson3Dr. Samantha Jamson is a Chartered Psychologist at the Institute for Transport Studies, University of Leeds. She is a member of the Safety and Technology Group, a multidisciplinary team undertaking research in road safety and driver behaviour.

She has worked on a variety of research projects using driving simulators and instrumented cars as evaluation tools. She has also been principal investigator on a range of projects, including evaluations of transport telematics applications, road design, and driver impairment.

Her research involves collaboration with national and international policymakers (Department for Transport, Highways England, European Commission) as well as industrial collaboration for both research and PhD supervision.

Presentation: Aspects of cognition and attention that can affect road safety

This presentation will focus what makes road users safe and unsafe, from our understanding cognition and attention. What effects do emotions have on our driving performance and safety? Can we really multitask successfully and what happens when the driving situation becomes demanding?