Jane Deeley, Road Safety Officer, Swindon Borough Council

Jane-DeeleyJane Deeley is currently the Road Safety Officer at Swindon Borough Council, having previously worked as School Travel Advisor for the Borough for 10 years.

Involvement in road safety education began way back at primary school in the 1970s helping her mother run cycling proficiency courses, before going on to work as a cycling instructor herself when a student. After qualifying as a primary school teacher, Jane worked as a Road Safety Officer in Surrey in the 1990s, and developed road safety education resources for the local authority linked to the original National Curriculum.

She is passionate about engaging children and young people on road safety and sustainable travel issues and has developed and championed a successful ‘School Travel Ambassador’ scheme in Swindon. Other achievements include the introduction of a ‘5-minute walk zone’ scheme at 20 primary schools which went on to win a national award and be adopted by other Local Authorities.

Jane was the South West Region Board Member at Modeshift from 2009-2015.