Lembit Öpik, Director of Communications & Public Affairs, MAG

MAG Lembit 2014 04Lembit Öpik is Director of Communications & Public Affairs for the Motorcycle Action Group (MAG), the UK’s leading riders’ rights organisation. Born in Northern Ireland, Lembit has been riding motorbikes since 1980, and has campaigned on pro-biking matters since 1997.

A dedicated libertarian, Lembit fiercely defends citizens’ freedom, including the right to ride motorbikes and scooters. He sees safety as a collective responsibility between road planners and riders, and is concerned about the reach of the state when this extends into choices which should be left in the hands of the rider and not in the hands of overbearing state regulations.

Lembit has worked within MAG to generate a culture of partnership with legislators, offering logical and data based input to the decision-making process. His mantra is ‘positive engagement rather than confrontation whenever possible.’