Paul Speight, Watch Manager, Leicestershire Fire and Rescue Service

Paul-SpeightPaul Speight joined Leicestershire Fire and Rescue Service in 1988. After serving 16 years at different fire and rescue stations as a firefighter and Crew Manager, he transferred into the Community Safety Support Team as Watch Manager. Given references for Fire Investigation and Road Safety he soon realised with fire calls reducing across the Service that road safety would be a primary focus.

Presentation: “VF4-360 Experience” Immersive Education
Created to improve a previously evaluated intervention (VF4 – virtual fatal four), the VF4 360 Experience represents a new development in road safety delivery. Using Virtual Reality goggles and specially produced film, participants are immersed in a pre and post-crash scenario. This project demonstrates how new technology can be used to engage and influence the attitudes and behaviours of young people. VF4 360 Experience is led by Leicestershire Fire and Rescue Service in conjunction with FirstCar, who say the project ‘pushes the boundaries of innovation whilst delivering cost–efficient scalability’.