Motorcycle Industry Association (MCIA)

The Motorcycle Industry Association (MCIA) is the premier trade association for motorcycles, mopeds, and other powered three and light four-wheeled vehicles, commonly referred to as 'L-Category vehicles' or Powered Light Vehicles (PLVs).

Representing over 90% of the industry's supply side, MCIA's membership encompasses manufacturers and importers of whole vehicles, accessories and components, and those providing associated services to the industry.

As the authoritative voice for the L-Category sector, MCIA represents its interests at the highest levels of Government, its agencies, law enforcement, media, and road safety organisations.

Adapting proactively to the ever-evolving technological landscape, MCIA consistently anticipates the sector's role in the future of transportation.

L-Category vehicles offer versatile solutions to contemporary transportation challenges, including emission reduction, congestion relief, and the provision of affordable, accessible, and independent modes of transport for both individuals and businesses. Our overarching goal is to safeguard, champion, and expand the UK L-Category industry.

Improving road safety for L Category users is essential and is integral to everything we do. The current training and licensing regime is dated, and will not meet the needs of tomorrows transport.  This is a key focus for MCIA.

Through close collaboration with both national and local government, as well as stakeholders invested in a flourishing sector, MCIA ensures that the manifold advantages our industry provides are not just recognised, but integrated into national and local government transport planning too.