Westcotec design, manufacture and install a range of innovative products for intelligent traffic safety and smart city solutions.

Founded in 2001 and becoming employee owned in 2018, Westcotec have become one of the largest suppliers of electronic signage in the UK. All ‘Made In Britain’ products are manufactured in Headquarters in Norfolk, with an ethos of producing the highest quality available and giving an unrivalled level of customer service.

The majority of products manufactured now include sensor-based technology to give road users a more specific message to the situation ahead, as well as cameras to help deter speeding motorists.

A market first, state of the art Automatic Speed Watch Camera (ASWC) has been developed to capture over speed vehicles information (Vehicle Registration Number) VRN, make, model, colour, speed date and time stamp. This can be integrated to any existing Westcotec equipment, or used standalone as an easily deployed and rapidly set up piece of data gathering kit.

All products have the capability of gathering data, which can be viewed on the Westcotec platform, or by using our open API, it can be remotely directed to existing systems. Data such as vehicle classification, flows, air quality and speed can all be recorded and analysed to provide scenarios that will give different messages on roadside signage.

Westcotec are proud to be an innovator, producing new products and bringing them to market every year. For 2023, the company has launched a world first ‘Fatal 3’ warning sign that is remotely connected to an AI camera that detects mobile phone, seat belts and vehicle speed, to display the necessary message or messages to the driver. A decibel meter connected to an illuminated portable sign is also now available, targeting loud exhausts and displaying a message to the offending vehicles, as well as recording data.

With technology developing so fast, Westcotec always stay ahead of the curve by keeping up with changing infrastructure and new demands imposed by updated technologies. An example of this is by developing a roadside device as part of the V2X movement towards intelligent and ultimately driverless vehicles. The device will connect into existing Westcotec products and supply a remote string of code that is read my in-car systems to either display in vehicle, or audibly tell the driver what the situation of the road is up ahead. This is a secondary safety feature, as the illuminated sign will remain on the roadside for vehicles without this capability.

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