Romex World Ltd


Romex World Ltd. is a technology company who specialise in the production and implementation of Road Safety Apps for both fleet and consumer.

Distracted driving is an ever increasing problem, with up to 30% of accidents on UK roads having distraction cited as their cause.

The obligation to remain connected 24/7, whether driving on business, or a young person wishing to stay connected through social media, is compounding the problem and stretching police forces to their limits.

Company Directors are facing the growing possibility of prosecutions, fines and even custodial sentences should one of their employees be involved in an accident where distraction is discovered to be the cause.

Our unique Distraction Prevention App, which has been awarded a ‘Highly Recommended’ status by world class researchers Transport Research Laboratory, will allow businesses to monitor and enforce their policies around work-related road safety (speed, distraction and fatigue), and ensure that is not one of their employees who is next to be making front page headlines for the wrong reasons.

Romex Distraction Prevention will automatically lock phones on the commencement of a journey (Bluetooth may be enabled if desired), giving employers peace of mind that their drivers will not face the temptation of reading a text, email or social media notification whilst driving or be able to make or receive hand-held calls.

Leaders in business need to take the initiative and set a good example to young drivers who face even greater temptation.

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