Satsafe Technologies


Satsafe Technologies develops location-enabled safety and security products and services. Our mission is to demonstrate how our IoT technology can influence and change driver behaviour in order to reduce accidents, save lives and reduce environmental impact.

The Company was invited to become a consortium partner of CityVerve – the UK’s Internet of Things city demonstrator project based in Manchester.

Over a two year period CityVerve will demonstrate the societal, commercial and environmental benefits of IOT technologies across four domain areas – Health & Social Care, Energy and the Environment, Culture & the Public Realm and finally, Transport.

Satsafe is lead partner for the road safety work package under Transport for Greater Manchester’s lead where we are deploying a range of next-generation telematics technologies beyond the traditional user group of young drivers. These include: senior and other vulnerable drivers, taxis, minibus and community transport including ambulances. By deploying our ‘plug and play’ technology we are capturing vast amounts of data about vehicles’ physical characteristics at any particular time and location and the condition of the city’s roads. Our exception reporting and video-analytics can provide insight to road planners, fleet managers, insurers and ultimately – help users of our technologies to save money whilst contributing to a wider crowd-sourced road safety application.


Stuart Millward
Satsafe Technologies
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