2018 Agenda - Topical Topics

Confirmed speakers and presentations as of 13.6.18

Helen-Wells-webDr Helen Wells

Senior Lecturer in Criminology
University of Keele

Presentation: The pros and cons of the ‘techno-fix

HarryHarry Seaton

Influencer Manager

Presentation: Influencers - and how they can help deliver road safety messages to young people

Howell-CowlingLee Howell & Nick Cowling

Chief Fire Officer, Devon & Somerset Fire & Rescue Service and  Service Manager for Road Safety and Transport Data, Somerset County Council

Presentation: Data Analytics SouthWest - supporting road safety planning and delivery

Nicola Wass

CEO of So-Mo-Co Ltd on behalf of the Merseyside Road Safety Partnership

Presentation: The three Es aren't working – so here's a ‘nudge’ in the right direction

sally-stevenProfessor Sally Kyd & Dr Steven Cammiss

University of Leicester

Presentation: Promoting safety for vulnerable road users: assessing the investigation and enforcement of endangerment offences

Nick-SkeltonNick Skelton

Assistant Director, Communities, East Sussex County Council

Presentation: Using the evidence - applying behavioural insights to road safety