Dr Fiona Fylan, Brainbox Research

Fiona-fylanDr Fiona Fylan is a health psychologist who specialises in understanding the decisions that people make that affect their health and wellbeing, and how to help people make more appropriate or less risky decisions.

Fiona’s research addresses a wide range of health-related behaviours and focuses on road user behaviour.

Her research explores why people drive and ride the way they do, the way in which they think about driving and riding, and how to change the decisions they on the roads in order to increase safe and responsible road user behaviour. She also explores transport decisions and interactions between different road user groups, such as cyclists and drivers.

Fiona is the academic lead on the NDORS course development unit and has led evaluations of local and national driver offender schemes including RIDE, the National Driver Improvement Scheme and the National Speed Awareness Course.

Fiona has also undertaken major pieces of policy work for the Department for Work and Pensions, the Department for Education, and Her Majesty’s Prison Service.

Presentation: Using behaviour change techniques: guidance for the road safety community
In April 2017, the RAC Foundation published a new guidance report, authored by Fiona Fylan, on the use of behaviour change techniques in road safety interventions.

The new guide outlines 10 steps for road safety practitioners when developing an intervention – from defining the problem to evaluating. It goes on to outline the most effective behaviour change techniques, from a total of 93, and gives examples of how they can be used. It also provides a step-by-step process for the design and delivery of interventions using behaviour change techniques.

Dr Fylan will use her presentation to give an overview of this important new resource for the road safety community.