Community Speedwatch Online

CSW Online is a growing social enterprise combining professional organisation with bespoke technological solutions to modernise Community Speedwatch.

Speedwatch is neither ‘War on Motorist’ nor ‘Policing on the Cheap’, but a scheme that puts faces on friendly communities prepared to help educate drivers about the dangers of speeding. They, their families, children, grandchildren or friends are often vulnerable road users trying to avoid becoming innocent victims of speeding collisions.

The web-based application aims at helping volunteers nationwide to work to identical standards and procedures. By applying the same rules, methodology, training levels and outcomes across the UK, the police and the participating communities are provided with a better and more consistent handling of their invested time and resources. Schemes already managed under the CSW Online banner have gained in impact, numbers, credibility and reputation.

By transferring the responsibility for Speedwatch to a national organisation, the political conundrum of balancing road safety with voter loyalty is neutralised through the independent work such an organisation can deliver in everyone’s best interests.

CSW Online: Speedwatch – fully automated local management, organised nationally.

Jan-JungPresented by: Jan Jung, Chief Executive, CSW Online Ltd
Danish-born producer, script writer and director, Jan Jung, has a vast variety of film and TV productions behind him. His first feature film, the $20 million US/RU political thriller ‘Three Days in August’, was successfully premiered in Cannes in 1992 and subsequently released worldwide.

Jan settled in the UK in 2005 and has since 2012 been involved with road safety organisations both as a police volunteer working for Surrey & Sussex Police, but also professionally as chief executive of the rapidly expanding Community Speedwatch Online

Under his stewardship, the organisation has grown from a handful of concerned citizens in a corner of East Sussex to almost 3,000 fully trained operators organised in more than 600 groups across the UK. 

For their pioneering work, the team led by Jan won the Home Office Lord Ferrers Award for Innovative Technology in November 2017. The Award was given to the team by the then home secretary Amber Rudd at a ceremony in London.

In June 2018, Jan and his team were also honoured with the European Commission’s Excellence in Road Safety Award. At a ceremony in Brussels, the EU Commissioner for Transport Violeta Bulc presented the trophy to CSW Online for their inspirational and innovative initiatives to improve road safety and save lives on our roads.