Adrian Davis, Professor of Transport and Health, Edinburgh Napier University

Adrian Davis, Visiting Professor, UWE

Professor Adrian Davis took up his current post in September 2018 and is based at the Transport Research Institute, Scotland’s largest academic transport group. 

During the current academic year, professor Davis is focusing on a series of transport and health related topics – from the language used to describe road collisions to the quality of the air in towns and cities.

Earlier in his career, Professor Davis was the author of the British Medical Association’s first report on road transport and health, published in 1997. He is also a founding editor of the academic Journal of Transport & Health, and adviser to the World Health Organisation.

Prior to taking up his current position, he was a visiting professor at the University of West England and has authored a series of essential evidence summaries, published on the Travel West website.

This is the second time he has presented at National Conference, having previously featured at the 2016 event in Bristol.