Sarah Di Salvo, Quality Manager, National Driver Offender Retraining Scheme (NDORS)

Sarah-DisalvoSarah has worked for UKROEd (UK Road Offender Education) full time since December 2016.  Prior to this she was a teacher and work-based assessor and has worked in education for both the private and public sector.  Sarah has mainly been involved with the teaching of psychology and management, but moved into the quality and assessment arena towards the end of her role in formal education.

Sarah is now the Quality manager for UKROEd and is responsible for the licencing of over 900 Trainers who deliver the National Driving Offender Retraining Scheme (NDORS) and 23 Course Providers.  Sarah is also one year into her Professional Doctorate where she is examining what support NDORS Trainers need as professionals to deliver the new suite of courses.  Entering the world of road safety has, and continues to be, a steep learning curve but a very enjoyable and worthwhile one.

Presentation Title:  The New Courses for Driving Offenders
The presentation will discuss the reasons behind the recent update and creation of new courses for road offenders, examining what initiated the change and what is involved in the course design.  Education and behaviour change strategies are explained and how these translate into driver behaviour change.  The challenges of standardising the courses and upholding the quality of delivery by 900 Trainers are imparted and the change process for the individuals involved. 

Demonstrations of parts of the courses will be given and a discussion of the factors that the clients have found to be effective.  The implications for on-going assessment and improved quality are explained along with the importance of continued interventions for all road users.