Grass Roots Road Safety (Tues 12 Nov, 13.20 - 15.00)

The opening conference session will comprise a series of presentations, tailored for practitioners, covering a range of ‘grass roots’ road safety topics and issues.

Professor Gary Burnett

University of Nottingham

Presentation: From Horseless Carriages to Driverless Cars: Human-Centred Design for Future Vehicles

Heather Ward

Honorary Senior Research Fellow, University College London

Presentation: The management of road safety in the gig economy More...


Dr Cris Burgess

Senior Lecturer in Psychology, University of Exeter

Presentation: Why do motorcyclists crash (and how can we stop them)? More...

Matt Staton

Highway Projects and Road Safety Manager, Cambridgeshire County Council

Presentation: Who is involved in road safety? More...

Richard Pearson

Highway Design & Road Safety Manager, BCP Council

Presentation: Shared Spaces – To be or not to be? More...