Intelligent Speed Assistance - Will it work for the drivers who need it most?

ISA (Intelligent Speed Assistance) is now becoming commonplace in new vehicles. These systems automatically detect the speed limit and, if the vehicle is travelling above the posted speed, will intervene by reducing the flow of fuel to the engine. The driver is able to override the system either by turning it off or by firmly pressing the accelerator.

This presentation will explore the role that sensation-seeking, impulsivity and attitudes have in a driver's use of the system.

Ian Edwards, New View Consultants

Ian Edwards is an independent road safety consultant who has developed and delivers several of Road Safety GB’s courses, including the Foundation and Behavioural Change course.

Ian started his career as a road safety officer in Doncaster before moving to Kirklees, where he was responsible for the delivery of their driver improvement schemes.

More recently Ian has been involved in a number of national and international road safety projects including the EU-Funded HERMES project and a fleet management project with an international pharmaceutical company.