Rural road segmentation research

The RAC Foundation has commissioned Agilysis to conduct a piece of research with the aim of establishing a process for segmenting the road network into useful categories based on the engineering, traffic and environmental characteristics of a large sample of routes. The research is being done with the aim of supporting more meaningful analysis of the road safety challenges faced on rural roads.

The key findings of this work, and their relevant application to road safety research and policy development will be outlined in the presentation.

Bruce Walton, Technical Director, Agilysis 

Bruce Walton is a skilled and insightful data professional with substantial experience of developing and applying analytical techniques.

His expertise in road safety intelligence was instrumental in creating the multi award-winning data tool MAST Online, and he has also collaborated on many other projects and reports.

He is also an experienced and accomplished conference speaker and technical trainer.

Elizabeth Box, Research Director, RAC Foundation

Elizabeth Box is Research Director at the RAC Foundation, a transport policy and research organisation which explores the economic, mobility, safety and environmental issues related to roads and their users in the UK.

Elizabeth sits on a wide variety of government and industry expert panels and is actively involved in national level research and policy development.

A transport planner by training, Elizabeth is an accomplished research programme and trials manager who is currently conducting doctoral research work at Cranfield University where she is specialising in developing and trialling theoretically based road safety interventions.