Shiny Side Up Partnership celebrates its 20th year in 2022!

Shiny Side Up Partnership formed in 2002 when many police force areas were dealing with unprecedented numbers of fatal and serious motorcycle collisions.

Over 20 years SSUP have produced a wide range of resources which have achieved brand recognition which means when riders and drivers see the SSUP posters out on the road network, they know motorcyclists have been killed or seriously injured along this route and they need to take extra care.

What has changed over the last 20 years, to motorcyclists, their machines, the roads and the type of collisions and injuries that occur and how SSUP continue to reduce them?

Heidi Duffy MBE, Facilitator, Shiny Side Up Partnership

Heidi Duffy MBE began her journey into the road casualty reduction world as a police officer with Nottinghamshire Police in the late seventies. Nottinghamshire County Council's road safety department and then Nottingham City's road safety team introduced her to the ‘E’ for education, replacing the ‘E’ for enforcement.

In 2001 the long arm of the law led her back to Nottinghamshire Police as a traffic management officer where she learnt the wonders of collision investigation and the magic of the ‘E’ for engineering. In 2007 Heidi became the force lead on road casualty reduction and added the ‘E’ for engagement and enthusiasm, as she worked with partners on projects such as ‘Fatal 4’ (which Heidi ‘invented’), Shiny Side Up, Bare Bones and the Pedestrian Safety Partnership.