Shiny Side Up Partnership celebrates its 20th year in 2022!

The Shiny Side Up Partnership (SSUP) was formed in 2002 when many police force areas were dealing with unprecedented numbers of fatal and serious motorcycle collisions.

Over the past 20 years, SSUP has produced a wide range of resources which have achieved brand recognition - which in turn means that when riders and drivers see the SSUP posters on the road network, they know motorcyclists have been killed or seriously injured along that route, and therefore they need to take extra care.

This presentation will explain how the SSUP partners continue to work together to tackle existing and emerging trends in motorcycle road traffic collisions.

Heidi Duffy MBE, Facilitator, Shiny Side Up Partnership

Heidi Duffy MBE has enjoyed a long and varied career in road safety, starting from her service as a police officer, then road safety assistant with both Nottinghamshire and Nottingham City local road safety teams, followed by 16 years as road casualty reduction manager for Nottinghamshire Police, until retiring in 2017.

However, retirement was found to be lack lustred for Heidi who now enjoys three posts: facilitator for the Shiny Side Up Partnership and the National Young Rider Forum with Via East Midlands, and traffic management officer for Nottinghamshire Police.

Heidi was awarded an MBE for Services to Road Safety in 2015.