The Under 17 Car Club Charitable Trust

The Pathfinder Initiative reduces the number of road traffic collisions, casualties (KSIs) and convictions amongst vulnerable novice drivers (17-24) by teaching them how to take responsibility for their own safety. Surveys show that participants are more than 5 times safer than their peers with a significantly lower conviction rate.

The Pathfinder Initiative is run by The Under 17 Car Club Charitable Trust which has been educating novice drivers since 1976. Our experience shows that risk is best reduced through effective pre-licence driver development, engaging young people before they are 17. We work with them AND their parent or appropriate adult in a partnership environment where they develop understanding and a positive attitude to road safety and technical driving skills.

The Pathfinder Initiative:

  • Introduces the essential practical skills of driving;
  • Develops and continuously evaluates knowledge of the Highway Code/ Hazard Awareness;
  • Develops observation and close car control skills;
  • Engages students and their parents in discussions about managing road safety risk;
  • Teaches and practises collision avoidance techniques.

Pathfinder is delivered by volunteers at a range of venues across the country with practical support and funding from the Police and Crime Commissioners for Gloucestershire and West Mercia, Gloucestershire Fire & Rescue Service, Gloucestershire Police, West Mercia Police, Safer Roads Humber, DHL, local IAM Groups and IAMRoadsmart.

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