We like to think of Co-Pilot as the Netflix or Disney+ of the road safety world.

The idea that organisations that want to reduce road risk pay a small amount of money each year to access a vast library of high-quality content, which is constantly growing and refreshing. And like these popular streaming platforms, Co-Pilot believes that accessibility is more important than ownership. We're as nostalgic as anyone about the good old days of buying our own CDs and DVDs from Woolworths, but it's hard to argue that being able to watch or listen to pretty much anything we like for less than the cost of one compact disc per month isn't value for money.

This model works particularly well when you need access to a wide variety of content. Let’s face it - every road user is different, so you might need hundreds, if not thousands, of knowledge, skill, and attitude nudges to achieve effective, widespread, sustained behaviour change. If we take the macro goal of 'reducing driver distraction', for example, then a contributory goal would be to encourage drivers to setup 'driving focus mode' on their phones. This would be just one of dozens of nudges that contribute towards the big goal of fewer distracted road users.

In short, Co-Pilot is:

  • a shared library of road safety education and training
  • created by experts in behaviour change science and nudge theory
  • deployment-ready across multiple platforms
  • for generic or targeted engagement
  • designed to improve knowledge, skill, attitude and perceived control
  • fully customisable with co-branding and messages

Contact details: 

James Evans
Founder & CEO