The 2019 Fringe programme

The 2019 fringe programme will comprise two or three sessions running in tandem with the main programme.

Neal-KinnearDr Neale Kinnear

Head of Behavioural Science, TRL

Presentation: A simulator study of driver distraction resulting from the use of music applications

Kevin Wilcox NewKevin Wilcox

Road Safety Officer, Staffordshire County Council

Presentation: Young Riders – Forgotten or Ignored?


Sue-DouglasSue Douglas

Road Safety Officer, London Fire Brigade

Presentation: The UK’s First Airside Road Safety Intervention


Duncan-WardDuncan Ward

Roadharm Victim Support Co-ordinator

Presentation: Voice Road Harm


Gerli Grünberg

Prevention Department, Estonian Road Administration

Presentation: EST - Everyone, Safe, Together!


Nikola Floodgate BA (Hons)

Schemes Planning and Manager, Kent County Council

Presentation: Securing funding for safety remedial measures on the Major Roads Network

Colin Clarke

Independent Researcher

Presentation: Effects of bicycle helmet wearing on accident and injury rates


Lucy Marstrand-Taussig

Healthy Streets Adviser, Project Centre in London

Presentation: Measuring road danger: who poses most risk?


Benjamin Smith & Michael Frearson

The Bikeability Trust

Presentation: The value and effectiveness of a National Standard for Cycling: how it underpins the DfT’s Bikeability programme, and suggested further uses

Dr Daryl Hibberd

Human Factors Consultant
AECOM Strategic Consultancy

Presentation: Using naturalistic driving data to inform behavioural change interventions