2024 Agenda: call for papers

The organising committee for NRSC 2024 has issued a call for papers and is keen to hear from anyone interested in delivering a presentation at the conference.

As has been the case for the past few years, there will be a Main conference programme, a Fringe programme and a series of workshops, so there is plenty of scope to cover a significant number of topics and presentations – in 2023 there were 60 presentations across the two days. See the 2023 conference content below.

While the committee is keen to hear from anyone who would like to present on any road safety related topic, they are particularly interested in speakers and presentations relating to the following:

  • The role of technology in casualty reduction (vehicles, roads and engineering, and road users)
  • Funding for road safety: with funding being a constant challenge for many road safety teams, we are keen to hear about innovative ways that practitioners have secured funding for interventions, campaigns and other initatives.
  • Active travel and road safety: the ‘virtuous circle’ through which safety improvements result in more active travel, with reduced casualties and additional benefits such as enhanced air quality and fitter, healthier communities.
  • Deprivation and road safety: the links between the two, and how practitioners can seek to address this.
  • The role of road safety in a place-based approach: understanding the issues, interconnections and relationships in a place and coordinating action and investment to improve the quality of life for that community.

We are also planning on repeating the ‘Speed Dating’ session which comprises a series of quick-fire (5-mins) presentations showcasing initiatives and interventions that are being implemented across the UK. 

Expressions of interest
Anyone interested in delivering a presentation at NRSC 2024, should provide the following:

  • Title and brief overview of the proposed presentation (a single paragraph will suffice at this stage)
  • Brief speaker biog (again a single para will suffice)

This information should be emailed to: nickrawlings@roadsafetygb.org.uk

While there is no specific deadline, interested parties are encouraged to make their submission as soon as possible.

The themes and topics covered at NRSC 2023 are detailed below, along with speaker details.

Main programme 2023

Opening Keynote Presentations

Wednesday 15 November • 11.00 - 12.30

This session comprised a series of presentations from key stakeholders within the road safety sector.


Click here to view the speakers and presentations from this session

Vision Zero/Safe System

Wednesday 15 November • 13.30 - 15.15

This session included practical presentations delivered by authorities who have embraced the Safe Systems Approach/Vision Zero Goals, covering: how they got started, where they are on their safe systems journey, lessons learned/ help, advice and suggestions for colleagues who have not yet embarked on this journey.

Nicola Foster Rebecca Morris

Click here to view the speakers and presentations from this session

Speed Dating

Wednesday 15 November • 15.45 - 17.00

Speed dating comprised a series of quick-fire presentations (5-mins) showcasing schemes, interventions and other initiatives
being developed and implemented by road safety practitioners from across the UK.

Click here to view the speakers and presentations from this session

Topical Topics

Thursday 16 November • 09.00 - 11.30

As the name suggests, this was a catch all session comprising a series of presentations by
practitioners and academics from across the UK and further afield.

Click here to view the speakers and presentations from this session

Question Time

Thursday 16 November • 12.00 - 13.00

Based on the TV show of the same name, during this session a panel of five road safety experts/stakeholders fielded questions from the audience and debated a variety of key road safety-related topics.

Click here to view the panellists for the Question Time session

Fringe programme

The fringe programme ran alongside the main conference, with delegates free to move between the two as they wished.

Click here to see the timings for the Fringe sessions


Click here to view the speakers and presentations from this session


Thursday 16 November • 14.00 - 15.30

The workshop programme took place on the final afternoon of NRSC 2023.

Click here to view the confirmed workshops taking place