2017 agenda & speakers

The agenda below is subject to final confirmation, as are all timings of sessions, but neither are likely to change substantially.

The conference comprises a main programme (below) and Fringe programme (under main agenda).

For more information about the agenda please contact Nick Rawlings on 01379 650112.

Main conference agenda

Session one: The big picture

14 November 2017 | 13.00 – 14.50

Norman__Jesse Sonya-Hurt AK Close up  Gareth Llewellyn - CEO - 1 Dawn-Lauder

A series of presentations from national road safety stakeholder organisations, outlining their priorities, campaigns and initiatives for 2018 and beyond. This session will include presentations by Road Safety GB, Road Safety Scotland, DVSA, DfT and others.


Session two: Public health, sustainability, active travel & road safety casualty reduction

14 November 2017 | 15.20 – 17.00

Rachel-Aldred2 Woodcock2 Patrick-Lingwood Claire-Postin Linda-downing Paul-Robison-500px

Encouraging more people to cycle and walk (for health and environmental benefits) while recognising the increased road casualty risk (and addressing this).


Session three: Pick my Brains (optional)

14 November 2017 | 17.15 – 18.00

Nadeen-Mohammed Richard-Hall-Sept-2016  JPHILLIPS-100

‘Pick my brains’, which was successfully piloted at the 2016 conference, comprises a series of informal ’round table’ discussions between practitioners on specific topics, facilitated by an expert in the field.


Session four: The Big Debate: Will ‘driverless cars’ be good or bad for road safety?

15 November 2017 | 09.00 – 09.45

uni-challenge dan-phillips


Session five: Behavioural Change Techniques (BCTs) in road safety interventions

15 November 2017 | 09.45 – 11.15

Ian Edwards, New View Consultants Robin-Wythe dan-campsall-100  Fiona-fylan Deirdire-Oreilly

• What are BCTs?
• How can BCTs (practically) be deployed in road safety interventions?
• Case studies of interventions featuring BCTs (knowingly or unwittingly)


Session six: Question Time

15 November 2017 |  11.45 – 13.00

Nick-100 Shaun-Helman150px Rob-Gifford Amy AT 2015  frank-rogers

The traditional Question Time session is always one of the highlights of National Conference.


Session seven: Topical Topics

15 November 2017 |  14.00– 16.00

Simon-French-500px Félix  Shaun-Helman150px iain-Watson-300x244 liz-brooker

As the name suggests, this final main conference session comprises a series of quick-fire presentations covering a range of topical road safety topics.


The Fringe Agenda

14 November 2017 | 15.30 – 17.00
15 November 2017 | 09.45 – 11.15

Glen Davies home Me photo rebecca-needham Jan-James IMG_0513 jami-blythe  Sam-Li Stuart-Millward Jean-HuntLior Sethon aldred-woodcock Steven Reed-1

To run in two or three sessions across the two days.