F1 conference session will focus on speed management


One of the Fringe sessions at the 2016 National Road Safety Conference will comprise five varied presentations all based around speed management.

The aptly named F1 fringe session will take place on the afternoon of Tuesday 15 November (day one of the conference).

Two of the presentations will focus on average speed cameras, another two on 20mph limits and the final one on a new system developed by a parish council road safety group.

Richard Owen from Road Safety Analysis will present the findings from a study looking at the effectiveness of average speed cameras, carried out on behalf of the RAC Foundation, which is due to be published in September 2016. The presentation will show how simple ‘before and after’ analysis techniques compare to rigorous statistical modelling and what this means for others wishing to review road-based interventions.

Geoff Collins, sales & marketing director for Jenoptik Traffic Solutions UK, will present a case study looking at the A9 average speed camera installation which runs along the entire 220km length of the A9 between Dunblane and Inverness. This case study will explore what has happened to driver behaviour, vehicle speeds, journey times, crashes and casualties in the period since the system went live in November 2014.

Rod King MBE and Nicola Wass, founders of 20’s Plenty for Us and So-Mo respectively, will look at how community campaigning sows the seeds for engagement and driver behaviour change.

Their joint presentation will look at community aspirations for lower speed limits and how this can develop a mandate for change; and how engagement that recognises and develops those community aspirations can be harnessed for changing driver attitudes and behaviour.

This will be followed by a presentation by Peter Mann, service director for transport at Bristol City Council, who has been instrumental in the deployment of 20 mph speed limit areas in Bristol.

The session will close with a presentation by Charles Pedrick, a local councillor in the village of Rodborough in Gloucestershire, who, as chair of Rodborough’s Road Safety Working Group, has developed an ANPR based radar system that uses a cloud- based software solution to provide bespoke data.

The system can produce a report from the database and show, in descending speed order, the registration numbers of vehicles that are exceeding the legal speed limit, between any two dates. The registration number of a speeding vehicle can be entered into the database to see if there are other instances of that vehicle speeding in the local community, and a report can be produced for the police.

The system is available for use by other parishes, villages and towns across the UK.

The Fringe programme at National Conference runs alongside the main programme, with delegates free to move between the two. In total, there will be in the region of 40 presentations across the two-day conference.